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ECCO's Oncopolicy Committee

To help further strengthen its Policy remit, ECCO draws on the advice and guidance of its Policy Committee. Made up of distinguished professionals of the European cancer community, this multidisciplinary Committee is instrumental in setting ECCO’s policy priorities and ensuring that provision is made for all aspects of ECCO’s Policy activity.


The overarching objective of the Committee is to increase the potential of ECCO to speak with a single voice on wider policy issues and provide a platform for progressive thinking on oncopolicy throughout Europe.


ECCO’s Oncopolicy Committee:

  • Prepares the groundwork for ECCO’s Board of Directors to achieve ECCO’s key policy objectives within its strategic direction.
  • Works collaboratively with the Board to define ECCO’s key messages and get them across consistently, efficiently, and acted upon.
  • The Committee is instrumental in setting ECCO’s policy priorities (link to Oncopolicy) and ensuring that provision is made for all aspects of ECCO Policy activities.
  • In a combined effort to facilitate proposals and the implementation of new policies that will ensure that cancer research remains at the top of the European cancer health and research policy agenda, high-level politician and decision-makers have accepted to support and provide political insight to ECCO Policy Committee.


Oncopolicy Committee members 2016 - 18

Philip Poortmans - Chair (ESTRO) 

Peter Naredi (ECCO President)


Dirk Arnold (ESMO)

Anastassia Negrouk (EORTC)  

David Cameron (BIG)

Hendrik Van Poppel (EAU)

Andreas Charalambous (EONS)

Katrine Riklund (ESR)

Alberto Costa (ESO)

Gunnar Sæter (OECI)

Carien Creutzberg (ESGO) 

Riccardo Soffietti (EANO)

Jan Willem Dekker (ESCP)

Luzia Travado (IPOS)

Roberto Delgado Bolton (EANM)

Gilles Vassal (SIOPE)

Velina Grigorova (ESOP)

Cornelis van de Velde (ESSO)

Margaret Hutka (FAC)

Hans Wildiers (SIOG)

Christof von Kalle (EACR)

Wendy Yared (ECL)

Robert Mansel (EUSOMA)

Bert van Herk (ECCO PAC)



ECCO’s Past Policy Committee members:

Julio E. Celis (DK), Chair, Michael Baumann (NL), Paolo Casali, Alexander M.M. Eggermont (NL), Cornelis van de Velde (NL) Marco Pierotti (IT) Kathy Redmond (IRL) Ulrik Ringborg (SE) Otmar Wiestler (DE)  

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